At medDigital, our values are simple:


We work closely and communicate effectively with our clients to ensure our projects are successful. We like to work with diverse people who have different perspectives so that we can learn from them.


The only constant is change. So we’re always looking for new ways to help our clients achieve their aims whilst making sure we continue to improve and help others do the same.

Live agile

We bring an agile approach to all our projects. We break complexity into edible chunks for our clients, ready to adapt if their needs change.

Be disciplined

Living agile means staying focused, with weekly project meetings and regularly updated task logs the team stays informed with what is (or isn’t!) happening. Our attention to detail keeps projects on track and on budget.

Be compliant

Ethics and compliance go hand in hand with healthcare, which is why our creative ideas adhere to all relevant codes, laws and regulations. For us, what’s most appropriate is often the best solution.

Be transparent

We’re open and honest with our clients whether it’s negative or positive, this helps form great working relationships as well ensuring we keep learning and improving. After all, who knew what would be found in a mouldy petri dish?