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Developing compelling content to achieve your objectives

Here at medDigital, we support content creation throughout the entire life-cycle, from ideation to development, review, approval and delivery. We love to generate real-time content, helping push you forward as scientific thought-leaders. We use our deep knowledge of science and range of skills to develop content that resonates with your audience. From simplifying messages to enable meaningful connections with the public, to educating specialist clinicians and scientists in their therapy area of interest and supporting product launches, we use our scientific acumen to help drive you forward as experts in your field.

We offer a comprehensive service, combining our expertise across medical and digital communications. We work to develop, secure approval and publish content quickly to remain relevant in the fast-moving information era. For example, we can help you publish blog articles with the latest conference news and updates to disseminate across social media, to engage your customers in real-time during scientific conferences.

Whether you need scientific content for your website, medical education, conference reports or a training module on creating and managing scientific copy, our team of Scientific Advisors develop content that is scientifically accurate, code compliant and visually engaging, selecting the most effective channel for your intended audience.

Our content services:

Content Development

We develop a range of materials such as slide decks, email campaigns, posters, leaflets, infographics, banners, publications and abstracts, for both general and specialised audiences. These materials can include a range of formats including video, audio, graphic and even real-world interactive tools like educational aids. We also develop scientific content for digital platforms. From creative copy for your healthcare professional’s blog, to writing patient safety materials for websites within complex regulatory environments.

Content Strategy

We partner with you to develop the most effective content strategy to help you achieve your business goals.

Conference Reports

We attend scientific conferences and work alongside your team to report information and share content in real-time through social media, curating content and developing in-depth reports to be shared with both your colleagues and external customers.

Learn about Creating Content

Not only do we develop excellent content, but through our online training programs and bespoke training sessions you can learn to do the same, so you can better engage with your customer.

Managing Approvals

We manage the review and approval of your promotional and non-promotional materials ensuring it is compliant with medical, legal and regulatory requirements, such as the ABPI Code.

Patient Information

We use our scientific communication skills to create engaging digital and print materials that are easy for patients to understand and give them the information they really need.

Referencing and Data Checking

Once we develop your content, we always ensure that everything is accurate and evidence-based with the correct references.

Final Signatory Services

Our Final Signatories will review your materials to ensure they comply with the ABPI Code and certify them ready for release.