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Evolving healthcare with our digital expertise

The digital landscape is increasingly complex. Technology advancements have changed both the way we interact with each other and our expectations on engaging with healthcare information. Here at medDigital we're excited to be part of this evolution! No longer limited to traditional abstracts and face-to-face ad boards: digital advisory boards, talking publications and live webinars have become the norm. As the life sciences industry has been slightly slower in adapting to these changes, we help you to meet your customer's expectations which have been set by the digital leaders in other industries.

As specialists in medical and digital communications for over 10 years, medDigital is uniquely positioned to empower you to become truly digital. We develop your strategic plans, help you achieve company goals and build and optimise your digital processes while creating digital content and managing digital assets.

Our unique delivery model, where we partner with you, creates deep insight and understanding across our teams. Our Scientific Advisors collaborate across all the different teams and organisations involved in a project enabling us to implement your digital strategies with excellence. This is not a static process – it involves dynamically harnessing medical, commercial and digital capabilities – and we pride ourselves on being able to work seamlessly at this intersection to deliver exceptional results.

Our digital solutions:

Digital Content Delivery

We create scientific content for social media and blogs, live webcasts and web streaming so you reach exactly who you need to, how they want to, wherever they are.

Digital Channel Delivery

We're continuously evolving content for all digital channels, using content management systems and building digital platforms. We take you through the entire digital lifecycle from concept to execution: creating content, reviewing it to ensure it's compliant, developing the platform, performing user-acceptance testing, pushing content live and monitoring usage so we can adapt and learn.

Digital Project Management

We manage the digital logistics, scientific content and regulatory approvals of your project to ensure content is released on time, on budget and to a high standard. Our agile approach enables us to work quickly, managing vendors and achieving high engagement with your audiences.

Digital Strategy and Process Optimisation

We help you become more digital by adapting your processes for a seamless transition to the latest technologies, reviewing and updating your SOPs, creating guidance documents and training materials to ensure this is consistent across your teams.

Managing your Digital Meetings

We run webinars and digital advisory boards, providing another touch point with your customers by managing multiple vendors and stakeholders for you. We regularly evaluate analytics and compile data reports, so we can continuous evolve our processes.

Social and Web Listening

We frequently gather the latest insights using social listening tools to examine what is being shared across the healthcare landscape and specifically concerning your own organisation.

Search Engine Optimisation

We optimise web copy and pages, for example by incorporating keywords that are easily recognised by search engines, to drive traffic and attract the audiences you want to see your content.