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Leveraging scientific insights to achieve your strategy

Here at medDigital we drive your local and global projects forward with valuable insights collected conveniently and compliantly from experts and customers. Through our network of specialists, we engage the scientific community to help you better understand your target audience. This ensures activities and messages are better aligned with the needs of your customers.

We stay on top of trends by using the latest tools like social listening to understand the hot topics in healthcare so that your work stays relevant. We gather experiences from patients, healthcare professionals and key experts in your therapy area, who can form a network that acts as a sounding board for your campaigns and messaging.

We are the first company in the world to appoint a Scientific Insights Advisor. This uniquely positions us to gain a deep understanding of the industry at any given time through continuous insights gathering. Additionally, our team of Scientific Advisors with expertise across a range of therapy areas provide insights throughout the life-cycle of your project.

Insight services:

Digital Advisory boards

Our medCrowd technology, which we developed in-house, allows you to gather valuable insights from key stakeholders, including doctors and other healthcare professionals, payers, patient advocates and more. Our Scientific Advisors collate the insights gathered and analyse them to form a report relating key insights back to your team. We can pair these with traditional advisory boards for added interaction.

Landscape Analysis

We undertake in depth analysis through scientific literature reviews, conducting market research and examining secondary sources. We then collate the information together into a cohesive report to give you information for a medicinal product, health campaign, clinical trial data and more.


We attend scientific conferences with your team and ask questions on medCrowd to collect key insights quickly in real-time. These insights can be seen immediately, so they can be acted on with both your customers and colleagues whether through social media, blogs posts or conference reports.

Social and web listening

We gather the most relevant insights using social listening to examine what is being shared among the healthcare landscape and within your own organisation.