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Curating medical content with insightful science

As a specialist medical communications agency, communicating science is at the core of what we do. Unlike other agencies, we are a group of versatile scientists with digital expertise lending our specialist knowledge and skills, so you can effectively communicate medical information across a variety of platforms.

From producing traditional journal materials across different therapeutic areas to more innovative animated publications on the latest study data, we'll create what you require to get your medical message seen and heard by the audience you want and in the most engaging way. With experience managing vendors, working alongside designers and even side by side with other medical communications agencies, our flexible approach means that end deliverables are high quality and hassle-free.

Whether you need strategic insights or direct content support, our friendly team of insightful scientists are always ready to help solve your problems and provide tailor-made solutions.

Our medical services:

Scientific Advisory Review

We ensure your medical content is compliant and approved. With our extensive scientific insight, in-depth knowledge of the ABPI code and experience working across several therapy areas we can review all your materials, from slide decks to journal submissions. We'll put in the time, examining all the evidence to help ensure that the data in your materials are scientifically robust. Our scientists and copy reviewers source references to ensure your medical content is supported and in line with medical branding and campaigns.

Key Expert Engagement

We think the traditional expert is just one of the important stakeholders for your business. We see many other non-traditional experts who are playing an increasingly important part in healthcare, such as patients and caregivers, who have incredibly valuable knowledge and experiences. Undertaking research, and gathering people's experiences through identification, recruitment and stakeholder management, enables us to discover the deep insights you need to fulfil your business goals.

Medical Final Signatory Services

medDigital's trained final signatories, including Felix, our long-standing GMC-registered pharmaceutical physician, will advise on activities and review all your materials to certify that they comply with the ABPI Code and other relevant regulations.


We create and manage effective digital content, for example, key takeaways from the latest conference or symposium, or blogs on the latest hot topics, demonstrating your leadership in your area of expertise. We go above and beyond to ensure content is clear, user-friendly and understandable for the designated readers.


We develop professional, scientifically accurate materials for publication in scientific journals, such as review articles and abstracts. Furthermore, we help you develop your own summaries that cite the key evidence in scientific journals, giving you another touchpoint with your customers.