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Use our Digital AQPs to help reduce signatory time.

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A digital appropriately qualified person (AQP) is an individual who has a high level of digital expertise and understands how the ABPI Code applies to digital materials. Digital AQPs can reduce the workload of medical signatories by quality checking technical aspects of digital materials so signatories can focus on ensuring the content is compliant.

Why use a Digital AQP?

Recent Code cases published by the PMPCA have highlighted the need for detailed digital checks that require specific digital expertise and processes to help prevent ABPI Code breaches. These include cases where companies failed to certify mobile views, optimise their website for different orientations and ensure prescribing information was visible on all common devices.

medDigital provides experienced Digital AQPs

We provide trained and experienced Digital AQPs to help give content owners confidence that compliance requirements have been met.

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The signatory is responsible for applying their content expertise in approving the final copy and functionality.

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Digital AQP

The Digital AQP can ensure the digital material is as approved by the signatory and correctly assembled across devices.

The role of the Digital AQP is key to a dynamic approvals approach

Dynamic Approvals segments content into easier to manage sections. This means teams can save time by removing the need to re-approve entire assets.

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