Tackling poor health literacy

Discover how medDigital is helping to overcome the challenge of poor health literacy.

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At medDigital we want to help organisations to help people get the information and support to look after their health.

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Poor health literacy is a key challenge both in the UK. The issue is complex and can seriously impact a person’s ability to look after themselves, care for those around them and access the health services they need.

That is why medDigital have partnered with the Self Care Forum to help deliver a coordinated approach between non-government organisations (NGOs), pharma, government and the wider life sciences industry to provide clear and understandable health information to the people who need it.

Browse videos and podcasts, discover a library of resources and blogs, and register to attend our expert knowledge sharing workshops where we will be encouraging cross-industry collaboration to help ensure people are getting the right information to help them look after themselves and those around them.

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About the Self Care Forum

The Self Care Forum is passionate about improving people’s ability to look after their own health and wellbeing and increasing levels of health literacy in the population. Its aim is to improve public health by promoting self care at national policy level. It also creates resources, supports robust research evidence and organises the UK-wide annual awareness campaign, Self Care Week.

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