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Sharing skills and knowledge to inspire your organisation.

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Make digital a reality

Our specialist team has the scientific insight and digital know-how to help you deliver effective, engaging and compliant medical and commercial campaigns, from planning to approvals and delivery. Discover our top tips tailored to your organisation, with expert advice on channels, formats, strategy and compliance.

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Educational experiences

We offer you a comprehensive service of face to face and digital educational experiences. Whether you are looking for online training modules, live workshops, remote webinars or written guidance, our team is here to help inspire your organisation.

Browse courses on our online training platform, designed to inspire you and your team to do more with digital in health and care.

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Contact us about a bespoke training syllabus

Get in touch to discuss your training needs with our expert scientific team. We offer a four-phase approach to training to help organisations to achieve their goals:

1. Information and guidance

The information and guidance teams need to do digital activities the way they should be done.

2. Self-directed courses

Engaging teams with online training modules to complete conveniently at home so they can learn the basics and progress beyond.

3. Practical application

Bringing teams together for practical workshops so they know how to apply their knowledge in the real world.

4. Mentorship

Ongoing support from medDigital when teams face challenges with their digital projects and in their day to day work.

We can design a bespoke educational syllabus tailored to your needs. Whatever the topic, we can craft engaging content for a range of competency levels, incorporating the latest regulatory updates, guidance and best practices for your team.

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