Dynamic approvals

Save time by approving scientific content in a fast and efficient way.

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End-to-end support to set your team up for success

Engaging stakeholders and creating a bespoke implementation pack to foster confidence in the approach.

Stakeholder engagement and training

Segmenting content into easy to manage sections ready for approval.


Managing approvals with upload, tagging and linking in Veeva PromoMats or other electronic approval systems.

Approval management

Medical review and approval by our Medical Director and digital compliance expert.


Checking pre-live and live digital content changes are compliant and appear as approved by signatories.

Digital AQP

We implement Dynamic Approvals to save teams time

A workflow of the dynamic approvals process. With dynamic approvals website updates can be achieved in fewer than 5 working days.

Dynamic Approvals segments content into easier to manage sections. This means teams can save time by removing the need to re-approve entire assets.

A solution for approving complex digital materials

The final form of digital content is often dynamic and not static, which can make approvals challenging.

Certified dynamic content must meet the requirements of the ABPI Code and be approved as a standalone item and within the context it appears.

Dynamic Approvals uses a traditional technique applied to digital materials to ensure the final form is approved and you remain Code compliant.

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Use our Digital AQPs to reduce signatory time

We offer fully trained digital AQPs with digital expertise to ensure dynamic content is compliant and assembled correctly across devices.

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