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A doctor and entrepreneur developing digital technology for health and care. Trained as an Anaesthetist, leaving clinical practice to found medDigital and medCrowd. Loving how digital is transforming health and care for the better! Follow Felix on Twitter.
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Cara has been building websites since the web was text-only. She enjoys keeping an eye on emerging trends in front-end development and usability, so that the stuff she builds is as robust and cool as possible.
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Tea has a BSc in Psychobiology and Cognitive Science, and a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience. She's passionate about health and care, mental health, creativity in digital solutions, and bringing the focus on science and research.
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Alex has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences and an MPH in Public Health. With extensive medical communications experience spanning copywriting, copy review and project management, he loves to find creative solutions to help you engage your customers.
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Ricky has a PhD in Cell Biology and specialises in strategic medical communications with experience from R&D to commercialisation, translating complex scientific data into engaging and compelling content to support your customers' needs!
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Asimina owns a PhD in Molecular and Medicine. She combines a solid academic background with publications in peer-reviewed journals, with expertise in marketing, communications and project management in pharmaceuticals. She enjoys developing scientific content across therapy areas and leading on programs for technology commercialisation to foster innovation in healthcare.
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Having managed client relationships for various organisations for almost two decades, Lisa is a business development professional, using her client service experience to maintain and grow the agency / client partnership.
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Priya has a BSc in Psychology where she became passionate about clinical, behavioural and evolutionary science. She is an analytical thinker, who has many years' experience in digital and is excited to see the two worlds combine. She enjoys research and conducting analysis to provide solutions.
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Alec's background is in industrial design which led him to working for a medtech startup in Copenhagen before joining medDigital. He's interested in all aspects of design, particularly visual communication and branding.
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A Biological and Medicinal Chemistry graduate, Anne joined us with several years of experience from within the pharmaceutical industry, to better understand the needs of clients whilst putting patients first. She is passionate about the huge potential for digital innovation in healthcare and creative collaboration to keep scientific integrity in research truly engaging.

Who knows who will join us next... stay tuned!

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