Innovation in pharma

Dr Felix Jackson joins expert panel discussions exploring hybrid engagements, digital advisory boards, contactless engagements and more!

photo – a closeup of a woman wearing a VR headset


Electric cars vs. Pharma Hybrid Engagements, what will stay

Watch as Felix Jackson, Danilo Pagano and Hicham Naim discuss how hybrid engagements can be used effectively in the pharmaceutical industry.

Contactless healthcare: the next normal

Felix Jackson, Dan Davies and Sara Leclerc explore the concept of contactless engagements in terms of communication and the services we use. Discover how to deliver a seamless contactless healthcare experience to HCPs, patients and payers.

Overcoming healthcare challenges with digital communications

Felix Jackson is joined by Kushal Gohil, Wagdy Youssef and Mark Johnson to explore the opportunities that digital innovation offers and share experiences of digital innovations that they have seen transforming patient lives.

Advisory boards: develop the right toolkit for the modern age

Felix Jackson, Mark Johnson, Lasse Funch Jacobsen, Daniel De Schryver and Gabriella D Salvatore discuss the opportunities of moving advisory boards to a digital format, sharing how to run a successful advisory board and engage with participants in the most ideal way.

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