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The healthcare challenge

Enabling healthcare professionals to quickly and easily access information and support to best manage their patients.

The ask

Our client aimed to expand their digital marketing capabilities via paid search campaigns. The objective of these campaigns was to direct HCPs to promotional websites. A rigorous approach was needed in order to remain compliant with the ABPI Code and bring success.

The solution

We developed a governance manual for paid search campaigns within the UK. This manual served as both an introduction to paid search, as well as a guide for how to plan, execute, and manage the ad campaigns while complying with the advertising platform’s policies.

We explained how the campaign manager could then go further, by optimising campaigns using feedback analytics and search behaviour data collected from website traffic analysis.

Most importantly, we leveraged our compliance expertise to mitigate the risk of a breach of the ABPI Code, identifying specific risk areas and mitigation strategies, including how to mitigate the risk of ads being served to the public.

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The benefit

The manual was produced to fit the needs of the UK affiliate as a whole, rather than being specific to a product or brand. It met the needs of marketing and compliance stakeholders from across the UK business, and is the basis for a pilot search advertising project, opening up a new channel for customer engagement.

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