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Dynamic approvals

Learn how we supported our client to approve a range of web-based digital content following the process of “dynamic approvals”.


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The healthcare challenge

Reducing the burden on teams to create, update and approve content so that they can focus on getting the right information and support to the people who need it.

The ask

Many companies have struggled to change from a traditional campaign approach to the demanding, real-time content development needed for the digital world. Our client needed support in order to approve a range of web-based digital content in compliance with the ABPI Code of Practice requirements in a short timeframe.

The solution

We supported our client to shorten their approval timelines dramatically by adapting their internal processes and ways of working to be agile, rather than waterfall. We applied our approach of “dynamic approvals” - a 3-step process that involves approving:

  • The content
  • The context
  • The assembly

We managed the whole process from workbook creation to Veeva Vault PromoMats approval, liaising with the right stakeholders.

graphic - a chart documenting the dynamic approval process for a web page from content approval, to context certification, to assembly

The benefit

The team was able to review and approve content in reusable ‘bitesize’ fragments. Approvals were done steadily over time, in alignment with the requirements of the ABPI Code of Practice, effectively spreading the workload while raising the quality of the content.

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