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Digital hub for healthcare professionals

Discover how we supported our client to deliver a digital hub for Healthcare Professionals based in the UK and Ireland.


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HIV, Oncology, Viral Hepatitis, Inflammation, Respiratory

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The healthcare challenge

Providing healthcare professionals with accessible information to help them treat and manage their patients more effectively.

The ask

Our client was looking for a centralised digital environment for UK and Ireland where healthcare professionals could access promotional and non-promotional educational materials across the affiliate.

The solution

We helped our client launch a HCP Portal website for the UK and Ireland, managing communication between the global team and local business units, authoring the website content for each business unit, and supporting the teams with managing approvals in Veeva Promomats. 4 business units were initially involved and another 2 were added later for a staging launch.

We helped to create the website’s wireframes and specific modules for each separate page, and worked closely with multiple agencies to help launch the portal on time.

We supported with the optimisation of the portal and created a Quality Assurance checklist for the pages of each business unit, in order to ensure ABPI Code compliance as well as keep track of any technical issues that may arise. This was done by performing regular spot checks on different webpages.

We supported the client in implementing a dynamic approvals approach to ease the approvals process for the local teams, and developed a series of training resources on dynamic approvals to help teams feel confident in implementing the new approach.

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The benefit

The HCP Hub met the needs of global and local stakeholders. A soft launch was delivered successfully with promotional and non-promotional content aimed at healthcare professionals based in the UK and Ireland.



pages were built for


business units.


are going live by the end of Q1 2022.
Using Dynamic Approvals, only


job bags were needed for the website approval, greatly reducing the burden on approvers and certifiers.

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