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The healthcare challenge

Supporting healthcare professionals to deliver effective treatment and management for women in the menopause or peri-menopause, many of whom are currently under-treated.

The ask

The client wanted to raise awareness on women’s health issues. However, many HCPs are unable to attend conferences in person to identify and share the latest news, while distributing pharmaceutical content might not be efficient as it may be disregarded as advertising.

The solution

We developed a live, non-promotional blog covering updates presented at key conferences, highlighting new data and key learnings concerning women’s health. A linked Twitter page allowed the blog to also be at the forefront of online conversations at the conference.

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The benefit

The blog reached:


impressions and


engagements on Twitter


visits and


page views in just 1.5 months over the conference period

Providing more accessible information enabled an improved understanding of the women’s health field amongst HCPs. Our Twitter channels enabled engagement of clinicians with the more recent updates in the field.

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