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Expert engagement around ASCO for strategic insights

Learn how we engaged HCPs across the UK during a high-profile strategic conference to help accelerate our client’s medical oncology engagement plan.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving knowledge of innovative cancer treatments to help understand how to bring effective new treatments to the bedside.

The ask

ASCO is one of the biggest conferences in oncology worldwide. Our client wanted to receive expert insights on the new innovative cancer treatments presented at ASCO, faster and more efficiently than would be possible through a traditional, in-person advisory board.

The solution

We ran a Digital Advisory Board (DAB) with medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care. We recruited 12 British clinicians in 9 cities as DAB participants for 26 days. We formulated engaging questions and spurred discussions towards desired topics.

24 hours after DAB closure we delivered an interim progress report, executive summary and final insights report. Our client received fully evaluated expert insights on the innovative regimens presented at conference.

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The benefit

medCrowd facilitated valuable insights gathering on therapeutic treatment nationwide, reducing representation bias and provided fair coverage of urban centres and rural communities. The experts replied at a convenient time for them, thanks to medCrowd’s asynchronous system. The solutions we used resulted in high cost-efficiency and reduced carbon emissions relative to gathering key stakeholders in one location for a traditional advisory board.

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First response to a question was posted 6 minutes after invite.
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Overall 96% response rate over the course of 26 days
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296 messages were sent across 7 conversations

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