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The healthcare challenge

Globally improving the standard of fertility care by sharing knowledge and best practice from leaders in the field.

The ask

The field of fertility is rapidly evolving as clinicians and scientists around the world make major new developments. However, geographic and other practical restrictions impede knowledge exchange and collaborations between leaders in the field. Our client recognised this challenge and asked for ways to bring the latest medical insights to remote HCPs in Asia-Pacific.

The solution

We managed broadcasting of a medical education event in Taipei, Taiwan and developed enduring content to deliver the scientific voice to HCPs around the world. More specifically, we oversaw the project and coordinated the event on site working together with 4 agencies. We managed online broadcasting of 4 key sessions, including a remote one and broadcasted worldwide and into China. We also engaged with and interviewed fertility experts and generated 18 animated videos and 4 webcasts.

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The benefit

The client was pleased with our performance that enabled remote HCPs to access medical insights instantly and at low cost. HCPs were also able to visit the webcasts and videos online post event, at a time convenient for them.


HCPs were able to attend through the broadcast platform without interrupting their professional activities.
Up to


of HCPs were retained until the end of the broadcast.

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