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Learn how we supported our client to offer access to the latest medical data presented at a conference to HCPs that might not be able to attend.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving the standard of global fertility care by sharing the latest data and knowledge with healthcare professionals.

The ask

Our client recognised the challenge that HCPs may not be able to attend key conferences to get the latest data and insights due to distance-related restrictions and busy schedules. However, it was crucial to ensure continuous medical education for HCPs across the globe.

The solution

We managed a faculty of expert thought leaders to create an interactive conference report, with spotlights on key sessions, interviews with the authors and tips to translate data into practice. We liaised with the experts and supported report content development and design, as well as approval and dissemination with an appropriate communications campaign.

photo - a smart phone with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2019 Report displayed on its screen

The benefit

The report was developed as an interactive pdf which became available online and was published soon after the conference. HCPs had access to key data from the conference in an engaging, interactive format as well as to useable practice points to help inform treatment decisions.

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