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Discover how we helped our client develop a non-promotional medical education website for healthcare professionals.


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The healthcare challenge

Providing up-to-date medical education for healthcare professionals to help them provide the best treatment and management for their patients’ infertility.

The ask

Fertility is a complex therapy area that encompasses a number of expert fields. Our client highlighted a need to share knowledge among healthcare professionals to allow them to support their patients’ infertility journeys.

The solution

We set up a non-promotional medical education website for healthcare professionals that hosted engaging digital and print content to support clinical practice.

Our scientific team began by using existing insights to structure the website site map into meaningful sections. We then audited current medical educational content to understand what was most relevant to the needs of the healthcare professionals, and where content should sit within the site.

Our team created accompanying website copy and worked closely with a 3rd party tech agency to ensure that the website building process remained efficient.

We used a dynamic approvals approach to approve the website, involving reviewers and approvers early on to ensure they understood the approach and were confident in approving the content. This approach meant that updating the website became a simpler and more efficient process.

An omnichannel campaign strategy was employed to drive traffic to the portal including the use of live events, email campaigns and webinars.

The benefit

HCPs can now access a single medical education platform that has an extensive library of materials to upskill them in their roles.

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