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Discover how we supported the launch of our client’s vaccine in the UK by developing promotional launch materials.


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The healthcare challenge

Informing healthcare professionals on the options available for vaccination to help improve vaccine uptake and help keep the public protected from preventable infectious diseases.

The ask

Our client was working on the launch of a new vaccine in the UK and approached medDigital for support in the creation of promotional launch materials to engage appropriate healthcare professionals.

The solution

Working with our client’s customer engagement and digital marketing team, we developed a series of engaging, relevant materials aimed at healthcare professionals, particularly vaccine nurses. We localised global messaging to communicate the key differentiators of the new vaccine, and used various formats including email, web copy and an infographic to help deliver the client’s omnichannel communication strategy.

We also supported the client with managing the materials in Veeva PromoMats, uploading and anchoring each document.

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The benefit

Our client was able to support the launch their vaccine with an omni-channel strategy and boost customer engagement. Vaccine nurses were reached with emails announcing the product launch, and directed to access further information via the portal, where they could read and download a printable infographic for their clinics.

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