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Training on using digital in pharma

Discover how we supported our client to deliver a consistent approach to creating and approving digital materials.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving communication between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals to help ensure that healthcare professionals can access the information they need to support their patients.

The ask

Our client was concerned that there was inconsistency in how digital materials were being created, reviewed and approved across their company. They wanted to improve knowledge of the do’s and don’ts of compliantly using digital in pharma and offer a consistent base of information for colleagues to refer to.

The solution

We delivered a comprehensive digital training syllabus including courses on digital strategy, dynamic content, websites and SEO and applying the ABPI Code to digital content.

We created 1 hour self-directed training courses on each topic which colleagues were able to easily access and complete in their own time. Each course was split into manageable 15 minute modules, containing interactive elements to keep learners engaged. Courses were hosted on medDigital’s online training platform train.medDigital.com.

We organised a workshop related to each course, where we discussed real life case studies and offered the chance for attendees to ask their questions to medDigital Founder and Medical Director, Felix Jackson.

We then provided ongoing expert support using medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care. Learners could ask questions related to real day-to-day projects into a closed text-based conversation and a member of the medDigital training team was on hand to offer help and advice.

The benefit

Our training program gained positive feedback from the client. Trainings helped medical and commercial colleagues to feel more confident in delivering innovative, complex digital solutions to customers.

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