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Discover how we leveraged our insights expertise and digital platform to generate compliance insights from a client's internal stakeholders.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving the capability of pharmaceutical companies to provide the best information and support to healthcare professionals and their patients.

The ask

The client wanted to encourage scaling of their digital marketing initiatives through the creation of an up-to-date digital governance framework. We collected insights on risks and mitigation strategies from a range of sources, however, promoting face-to-face collaboration between stakeholders from a range of business functions in a large organisation can prove unwieldy.

The solution

We launched an internal digital steering committee using medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care. We recruited key internal stakeholders from relevant teams including medical, commercial, compliance, and legal to assess views on current guidance and policy and how it could be improved.

The benefit

We prompted valuable discussions and drew out key insights for the business. We fed these insights into a larger initiative to update the client’s digital governance framework.

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