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Learn how we delivered an interactive hybrid workshop with audience participation to ensure teams take advantage of nuanced digital opportunities.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving access to key information by supporting digital innovation within pharmaceutical companies.

The ask

The complex Regulations and Codes of Conduct governing the pharmaceutical industry are sometimes unclear when it comes to planning compliant, innovative digital activities. It is critical that signatories approving digital materials receive the support they need to understand the nuanced challenges when reviewing digital content.

The solution

We developed and delivered a Digital Masterclass for signatories in the form of a hybrid workshop with interactivity and audience participation.

Topics covered included visiting relevant Code requirements for digital activities within the UK, discussing compliant engagement with HCPs, patients, and the public using digital media and especially social media. We then explored how to recognise and mitigate against non-compliant conduct and content using real-life examples.

Our interactive, hybrid approach encouraged the audience to engage with polls and Q&A sessions from their smartphones, and allowed us to integrate participation and questions from the onsite audience with those from remote attendees.

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The benefit

Our expert-led workshop inspired and enabled the team to do more with digital in medical affairs. Going further, our approach proved highly engaging and ensured the client’s first post-pandemic hybrid meeting became a huge success.

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