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Discover how we helped our client to communicate the importance of evolving vaccines and the immunisation schedule.


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illustration - line drawing of a baby in a nappy surrounded by medical symbols

The healthcare challenge

Informing healthcare professionals on the ever evolving nature of vaccination to help them educate their patients, deliver effective vaccination campaigns and improve vaccine uptake.

The ask

Our client was looking to remind HCPs how the UK immunisation schedule has evolved over time and why it is important to continue evolving vaccines to help ensure that people remain well protected against common infectious diseases.

The solution

We created a six-part fully animated video which followed the UK immunisation schedule from the 1950s to the present day. We focussed on key changes to the schedule and discussed why these took place, considering a range of epidemiological and technological factors.

Our scientific team developed the script for the video, involving reviewers and approvers from an early stage to help prevent more costly changes later on. Using the script, our design team developed a storyboard detailing the on-screen animations and transitions. Our scientific team then supported by uploading and anchoring the storyboard in Veeva Promomats. Once approved, our design team edited the final animations, working with a voice over artist to record the script.

photo - detail of an animation storyboard

The benefit

The final video met the needs of our client, who were able to make it available to their audience as an interactive asset, with HCPs able to click through the six chapters.

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