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Digital compliance and best practice framework

Discover how we worked with a client to develop an innovative digital compliance and best practice framework to enable the scaling of their omnichannel digital strategy.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving communication between healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies so that healthcare professionals can access the information and guidance they need to best support their patients.

The ask

The client had seen their digital activity increasing and had set a key goal of leaning into this change and encouraging activity in the digital customer engagement space. However, they identified a clear need to ensure that appropriate governance, training, and processes were in place to ensure compliant scaling as customer engagements grew more sophisticated and personalised.

The solution

We carried out a systematic audit of the client’s materials, channels, including live and previous materials and an audit of their electronic approvals system, and delivered detailed recommendations and remediation reports. We also carried out an audit of their SOPs and guidelines to ensure they were up-to-date and compliant with the ABPI Code of Practice.

We gathered internal insights, most notably with a weekly compliance clinic with a “no silly questions” mindset, where stakeholders and staff from across the business could send in their questions for discussion. By the end of the project, almost two hundred questions had been received and discussed.

By combining all insights from a range of sources, we developed a suite of online resources, including policies, SOPs, and digital guidance.

The benefit

The client now has an updated digital marketing and customer engagement framework putting them at the forefront of digital compliance and best practice. Additionally, the compliance clinic became a permanent fixture after the close of our project, reflecting a strengthened and open compliance culture.

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