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Discover how we supported our client with localisation of promotional digital assets to launch in new Eastern Europe markets.


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The healthcare challenge

Supporting healthcare professionals with better information on treatment options for people with severe COVID-19.

The ask

Our client was preparing to undertake digital activities for a COVID-19 treatment in 8 Eastern European countries, including multichannel messaging and hosted content. As our client’s review team were unfamiliar with the local pharmaceutical Codes, they needed compliance and scientific review support for all aspects of content generation and production.

The solution

Using our Scientific Review Service we helped our client with the successful launch of a multichannel campaign in 8 Eastern European countries.

We ensured all materials and activities were compliant with the local Codes and Regulations, working with signatories to identify specific requirements and managing content generation and localisation from global assets.

We supported the client with approvals by implementing our dynamic approvals approach to enable navigation of internal processes quickly. We separated the structure and content approvals of 3 digital banners, a website and 4 promotional videos, to reduce the number of job bags for approval.

Using our agile methods, we produced high-quality, scientifically accurate content that complied with the relevant compliance requirements for each country, supporting a timely go-live of promotional digital materials for healthcare professionals.

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The benefit

All digital activities met the needs of global and local stakeholders. The digital banner adverts, promotional videos and the hosting server went live for their priority market in Eastern Europe, with a further 7 launches planned in the following quarter.


materials were localised and reviewed under


European Codes.
Promotional digital materials were approved in


Eastern European countries.
Using Dynamic Approvals, only


job bags were needed per country for final approval, greatly reducing the burden on approvers and certifiers.

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