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The healthcare challenge

Tackling the more complex questions around respiratory diseases to support healthcare professionals in their clinical decision making and improve treatment outcomes for patients.

The ask

Our client wanted to provide busy HCPs with accessible, relevant educational content in the field of respiratory, to support them in providing the best care to their patients. It was important that the content was relevant and meaningful to what the HCPs need to know in order to best support their patients.

The solution

We delivered an insight driven approach. medDigital ran a three-phase digital advisory board (DAB) to gather insights from respiratory experts. These experts shared feedback on key gaps in available content and education, preferred channels and formats for HCPs to digest content, and proposed tactical strategies for reaching the HCPs.

Each advisory board was run using medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care. Our Scientific Insight Team helped create the questions for the participants, onboard them to the platform, manage HSI reporting and publish insights following each phase.

Based on these expert insights, a dynamic educational resource centre was developed for HCPs to explore educational content translatable to real clinical decision making.

Our Scientific Team developed a content plan driven by insights from the DAB to ensure that the content we created was meaningful to HCPs and fully supported them in areas where they needed support.

We created original content for the resource centre and worked with contributing key external experts to ensure their articles were compliant and able to be approved. Our team also worked within Veeva Promomats to upload, tag, link and manage each asset from conception to approval.

The benefit

HCPs working in the field of respiratory could quickly find the information they needed when they needed it. The company continue to establish their position as a thought leader in the respiratory field.

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