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Learn how we supported our client’s health technology assessment (HTA) submission using a rapid, agile model for expert engagement.


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The healthcare challenge

Helping improve access to valuable cost-effective treatments for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

The ask

Our client wanted to better understand current clinical practice and unmet need in front-line chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (1L CLL). They also needed to gather insights on how updated analyses of clinical trial data would impact clinical practice, health economic decisions, and the treatment pathway for CLL patients.

The solution

medDigital used medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care, to launch dual HTA digital advisory boards with two teams of Clinicians and Economists.

8 participants (5 clinicians and 3 economists) were asked a total of 8 rounds of questions over the course of 10 months. Questions were posed either to both teams, or to the clinicians and economists teams separately, depending on the need.

When questions and requests from NICE and SMC were received, the client was able to rapidly respond by turning to our digital advisory board and receive timely project support, obtaining the insights they needed to respond within 1-2 weeks of new questions being identified.

The benefit

The client was able to rapidly gather real-time advice from both clinicians and economists (with a near 100% response rate) in an agile manner. This allowed our client to give timely responses to questions from HTA bodies on clinical practice in the UK and cost-effectiveness models.

With our support, they were able to efficiently engage with the experts and gain a deeper understanding of the data regarding their product and 1L CLL, facilitating a rapid and smooth HTA appraisal and clinical recommendations.

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