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Discover how we used our expertise in digital project management to plan and execute a live medical educational webinar for HCPs.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving understanding of biomarker testing in endometrial cancer to improve access to disease-targeting drugs.

The ask

Our client wanted to host a live online medical educational event for HCPs involved in the therapy area of oncology. With multiple expert speakers, a third-party webinar platform, and a strict deadline, they needed our help to manage all the moving parts of such a complex event.

The solution

We were responsible for coordinating every aspect of this event. From organising speaker briefings, managing speaker needs and review & approval of content, to helping set up the webinar platform and sending email communications to participants.

Being a live online event, having all content developed, reviewed and approved ahead of the day was crucial – This meant that our project management, coordination skills, and ability to manage content approval in PromoMats were pivotal to the outcome of what turned out to be a very successful event that received wonderful feedback.

Our Tech team also developed and hosted a landing page where those registered to the event could log in to access the on-demand recordings from the event.

The benefit

We were able to harness our expertise in digital project management and scientific content approval to organise an online medical educational event with over 80 specialists in gynaeoncology in attendance. 100% of those attendees surveyed said they would be very likely to attended a similar event in future.

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