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Insights from HIV patients and clinicians on web-based discussion tool

Learn how we helped the client overcome the challenge of enabling access to scientific knowledge for HCPs worldwide, to inform the development of a digital tool for patients.


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The healthcare challenge

Improving communication between people living with HIV (PLHIV) and healthcare professionals, helping PLHIV to feel more supported and empowered throughout their treatment journey.

The ask

Our client wanted to create a web-based tool for PLHIV. The purpose of this tool was to facilitate discussions with patients and healthcare professionals. The client required their input in both development and implementation stages, and chose medCrowd, the instant messenger for health and care, to enable this.

The solution

We ran 4 successful virtual consultancies organised over the course of 8 months using medCrowd. In particular, we enabled HCP and patient engagement through webinars, Digital Advisory Boards (DABs), Virtual Advisory Boards and additional review and user testing. Ongoing insights were provided via executive reports and interim key updates. Also, regular insights were reported through an interim progress report, post-conference executive summary and final report 24 hours after DAB close.

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The benefit

Our medCrowd instant messenger for health and care facilitated long-term consultancy of 8 HCPs in 4 countries (UK, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium). The use of video and text-based conferencing brought experts together from a range of geographic locations, reducing the risk of location bias from the data shared. Consistent feedback loop throughout the development phase ensured the tool met the needs of patients and allowed real-time measure of successful uptake. The insights collected led to creation of a fit-for-purpose tool and successful platform roll-out.

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